Bald Butte Lavender Farm

Farm Procedures

Bald Butte Lavender Farm procedures briefly describe the seasonal and daily field, and marketing activities involved for the successful operation of our farm. Those activities include establishing raised beds, planting lavender, post-planting lavender care, maintaining lavender fields, harvesting and bundling lavender, lavender bud separation and cleaning, lavender rooted cutting propagation, lavender seed propagation, and selling lavender products at local markets.

Download the following how-to pdf’s to learn about our farm procedures and possible alternatives. If you have additional questions, then send us a text (preferable) or e-mail message by clicking on Contact Us.

Lavender Bud Separation and Cleaning

Lavender in Containers

Lavender Rooted Cutting Propagation

Lavender Seed Propagation

Planting Lavender

Post-Planting Lavender Care