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Lavender Products

Fresh Lavender Bouquets

Lavender Products - Fresh Grosso Lavender Bouquets.
Fresh Lavender Bouquets are available during the summer months following the first and second harvests. Leaves are stripped from all stems which are then grouped into 1.5-2 inch diameter bundles, secured using a rubber band, and placed in a vase containing 1-2 inches of water. The bundles are sold as bouquets as soon as possible to insure freshness. After purchasing you should put the bouquet in a vase, adding 1-2 inches of fresh water and trimming stem ends daily. Within a week the bouquet should be removed from the vase, stem ends trimmed, and hung upside down to dry in a warm dry place with good circulation for 1-2 weeks. Hanging the bundle upside down to dry will draw the essential oils down into the buds making them more fragrant and flavorful. The dried bouquet can then be put into a vase, the stems used for crafts such as wreaths, or the buds removed and used for culinary or crafts.

Dried Lavender Bundles

Lavender Products - Dried Lavender Bouquets.
Our Dried Lavender Bundles, unlike fresh lavender bouquets, are available throughout the year. Once the lavender flowers have been harvested the leaves are stripped from the stems. The stems are then grouped into 1.5-2 inch diameter bundles, secured using a rubber band, and hung upside down on a wire using a paper clip to dry for 1-2 weeks. Hanging the bundle upside down to dry will draw the essential oils down into the buds making them more fragrant and flavorful. Smaller diameter bundles avoid the risk of getting mold in the bundles due to excessive moisture. The bundles are hung in our barn which is a cool and dry place with good circulation, and no direct sunlight which can fade lavender and dissipate the fragrance. After purchasing, the dried bundle should be placed in a vase without water and not in direct sunlight.

Dried Lavender Culinary Buds

Lavender Products - Dried Lavender Culinary Buds.
Most lavender flower buds are edible. English lavender such as Hidcote, Melissa, Royal Velvet, Folgate, Purple Bouquet tend to be sweeter and are used for cooking and baking. Hybrid lavender (e.g., Grosso and Edelweiss) have more of a camphor flavor and are used in soaps, lotions, and savory dishes. Many recipes for lavender lemonade, lavender syrup, jam, cookies, etc. do not specify which lavender cultivar was used. The cultivar is critical as you do not want a camphor flavored lemonade or chocolate bar. Ultimately, you should taste different cultivars and determine what cultivar you like the best. In cooking, use 1/3 the quantity of dried buds to fresh. The key to cooking with lavender is to experiment, starting out with a small amount of buds, and add more to taste. Search Google for “culinary lavender” recipes and more information. We clean our dried lavender buds using a larger mesh kitchen sifter and hand picking to remove stems and larger debris. Then a smaller mesh sifter and additional hand picking to remove smaller debris. Our cleaned culinary buds are sold in 4 oz jars (about 8 tablespoons of buds) with a net weight of approximately 0.5 oz.

Live Lavender Plants

Lavender Products - Live Hidcote Lavender Plants.
Bald Butte Lavender Farm only sells live lavender plants in 1 and 2 gallon pots. Our seed grown and rooted cutting lavender cultivars are planted in one gallon pots then re-potted in 2 gallon pots based on each plant's growth rate and size. The initial potting and re-potting operations address all five basic lavender requirements. We make sure the pot has a sufficient number of holes in the bottom to provide good drainage, and we always water from below. A well-draining soil such as Sunshine Mix #4, cactus potting mix, or a premium potting soil mixed with 50% perlite is used in the pots. The potted lavender are grown in our high tunnel greenhouse during the summer months. Live lavender plants not sold at the farmer's market during the summer are transferred to the propagation house for over-wintering.

Lavender Aromatherapy Heating Pads

Lavender Products - Lavender Aromatherapy Heating Pads.
Lavender Aromatherapy Heating Pads are 21x5 inches and the cover is made from 100% cotton fabric. Each cell is filled with a mixture of dried hybrid lavender buds and Jasmine rice. Do not put the heating pad in water or wash the pad. Prior to heating place the heating pad on a clean, dry plate in the microwave. Start the microwave with 30 seconds on full power and increase by 15 second steps to get the desired temperature. DO NOT OVERHEAT. Do not exceed 1 - 1.5 minutes in duration.

Lavender Sachets

Lavender Products - Lavender Sachets.
Our Lavender Sachets are made with either English or hybrid dried lavender buds and Jasmine rice. Sachets are used to make things smell fresh and are usually placed in clothing drawers, closets, lockers, shoes, purses, backpacks, cars, etc. Besides smelling good, they can help keep away moths. Remember our sachets are filled with dried lavender buds and rice. Therefore, do not put the sachets in water or wash.

Lavender Stress Bags

Lavender Products - Lavender Stress Bags.
Our Lavender Stress Bags are made using either English or hybrid lavender and can be used as a stress reliever. The bags are made from 100% cotton fabric and are filled with dried lavender buds and lentils. Hold the bag in your hand and squeeze repeatedly. This action helps relieve stress and at the same time releases the oils in the buds and the lavender aroma. Many people find stress bags helpful when sitting in class for a lecture, watching television, or anytime to relieve tension. The person holding the bag benefits from tactile activity. In addition, the released aroma might help relax everyone in the area. You can carry stress bags in your pocket or backpack to have continuous soothing lavender aroma. Do not put the stress bag in water or wash. Remember the bags are filled with dried lavender buds and lentils. However, the bag could be briefly warmed in a microwave (less than 15 seconds) and used as hand warmer or pocket warmer.

Lavender Eye Pillows

Lavender Products - Lavender Eye Pillows.
Our Lavender Eye Pillows are 9x3 inches and the cover is made from 100% cotton fabric. The pillow, filled with dried English or hydrid lavender buds and Jasmine rice, provides effective relaxing aromatherapy. For cooling relief, seal in a plastic bag and freeze overnight before use. Do not put the eye pillow in water or wash. Remember the pillow are filled with dried lavender buds and rice. Also, do not heat the eye pillow in microwave.

Lavender Fire Starters

Lavender Products - Lavender Fire Starters.
The Lavender Fire Starter Bundles are leftover stems after the flower buds have been removed from each dried lavender bundle. They are still very aromatic and make great fire starters for barbeques and in fireplaces. The bundles are very flammable so handle with care.