Bald Butte Lavender Farm

Welcome to Bald Butte Lavender Farm

Farm Hours
Our farm is open to visitors by appointment only. Live lavender and house plants along with other lavender products can be purchased at our greenhouse. Please contact us about planning your visit.
 Winter Market
Bald Butte Lavender Farm sold our lavender products at the Winter Market in the Great Room of the Moscow 1912 Center on Saturday December 9, 2023 from 9 am to 1 pm.
 On-Line Shopping
Farm Update

Bald Butte Lavender Farm experienced two weather related set backs during the 2023 winter and spring. An extremely cold winter with lack of adequate snow cover resulted in a 25% loss in our lavender crop. The unusual winter weather was followed by a cold wet spring which has delayed the onset of flowering. We have cancelled our Lavender Farm Tour indefinitely due to these two weather related events.

Lavender Northwest
Check out the Lavender Northwest Association website for more information on lavender and its many uses. Sign up for their free monthly newsletter.


We have visited numerous lavender farms in the Pacific Northwest. The growers have graciously provided their valuable time while sharing their wealth of experience and providing us with invaluable insights. In particular, we greatly appreciate the advice and guidance provided by Maggie Smith (Fleur de Provence Lavender Farm, Mead. WA), Tammy Lewis (Flannigan Creek Flower Farm, Viola, ID), Joe Downs (The Lavender Boutique, Wenatchee, WA), and Chris Mulder (Barn Owl Nursery, Wilsonville, OR).

Bald Butte Lavender Farm (BBLF) is located in Whitman County in southeastern Washington. BBLF’s mission is to provide current and future lavender lovers with sustainably, locally grown lavender products and crafts at a fair price with excellent personal service and follow-up support.

Website Resources

Our website contains educational material based on our field experience, internet research, and conversations with other lavender growers. We describe and contrast the lavender cultivars we grow, and our lavender products. In addition, our website provides how-to follow-up support for planting lavender, post-planting lavender care, growing lavender in containers, and bud separation and cleaning.

On our website pages are links to products we used while developing our farm. We don’t endorse those products, but instead offer them as suggestions. In general, those products are also available on-line in smaller or larger quantities, and in sizes and brands that could better suit your needs and budget.

Learn about Lavender

Commercial lavender growing in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) has a long history dating back to the 1920s. During the last 100 years more than 38 lavender cultivars have been introduced.

When searching the internet you will discover and learn much more about lavender. In fact, perhaps the greatest collection of lavender knowledge has been compiled by Sarah Berringer Bader in her “The Lavender Lover’s Handbook”. This definitive source for everything lavender is available through Amazon.

Bader, Sarah Berringer. 2012. The Lavender Lover’s Handbook. Timber Press, Inc. ISBN 978-1-60469-221-1. 192 pages.

The Bald Butte Lavender Farm's red barn.
Red barn at Bald Butte Lavender Farm.
The Bald Butte Lavender Farm's folgate lavender drying in the red barn.
Drying folgate lavender in the red barn.