Bald Butte Lavender Farm


"Featuring purple, blue, pink and white fresh and dried bouquets"

The Farm

Bald Butte Lavender Farm is located in the rolling hills of Whitman County on the Palouse Prairie of southeastern Washington. This region was once covered with grasslands and wildflowers. Whitman County is now one of the top wheat producing regions in the country. The wheat fields on the surrounding hills and the spectacular sunsets provide a picturesque backdrop for growing lavender.

We started the farm in 2019, and currently grow 13 lavender varieties and over 400 plants with more plantings planned in future years. The farm lies in USDA hardiness zone 6b, and all the lavender we grow and sell are hardy to Zones 5-9.

Our 20×40 foot high tunnel greenhouse was erected in 2021, and is used for re-potting and growing 1 and 2 gallon potted lavender. In 2022 we converted the smoke house to a propagation house for overwintering potted plants and propagating seedlings and rooted cuttings.

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