Bald Butte Lavender Farm


"Featuring purple, blue, pink and white fresh and dried bouquets"

About Us

We are Chuck and Carol Stiff, owners of Bald Butte Lavender Farm, which is a Division of Kitchen Culture Kits, Inc. Our farm is located in the idyllic town of Johnson, WA which lies 6 miles south of Pullman the home of Washington State University. Johnson is an unincorporated farm land community of approximately 70 independent souls without much in common and no local businesses. However, for more than 40 years this hamlet has hosted an off-beat Independence Day celebration. Every Fourth of July the town folk along with hundreds of visitors put on a parade and anyone is welcome to join the procession. The parade is short and sweet, and afterwards the crowd packs up and returns home.

Johnson, WA

For our family, Johnson is the continuation of a personal journey that started in Wisconsin. We have lived in six different states and moved eleven times. During this time Carol received degrees in horticulture, forestry and adult education, and was involved in biotechnology research in university and private industry. She also developed her life long passion for plant tissue culture and started her own company Kitchen Culture Kits, Inc. With degrees in forest management and biometrics, Chuck has worked in university research/education/service, continuing education, consulting, and industrial forestry. Gardening has always been his passion.

The Journey

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